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You are Reginald Vortex, the time-travelling robot on a mission to stop the evil(?) plans of the Future Co's velociraptor cloning division. But, killing is really fun, so honestly just slaughter as many cyborg soldiers and velociraptors as you can.

At the push of a button, you are transported to the same area in the future/past. Use this power against your enemies to launch deadly ambushes, disappearing and reappearing in an eyeblink.

Arrow keys: Move and jump
Z: Short range plasma blade attack
X: Time travel (toggle between future and past)

Your health is denoted by your energy colour. Each hit changes the colour: Green, then amber, then red, then GAME OVER. Get as many kills as you can before this happens.

You will regenerate health automatically by avoiding damage.

I'm also happy to announce that I have implemented Global Highscores! Anybody who, at the end of judging, is on the Top 10 list will be awarded our coveted Terminator trophy!

Please don't put inappropriate names on the highscore list.


Tempus Machina v1.21.zip 6 MB

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